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Welcome to the Pat Thomas Planetarium.  We're here to educate and entertain the community: local and regional K-12 schools, University students, home-schoolers, service organizations, clubs, and the general public all enjoy our planetarium. 

About Us

The Pat Thomas Planetarium is part of the Physics department at Florida State University.  It has been in operation since 1982.  It was recently upgraded to a state-of-the-art digital system with high definition projectors, powerful computers and advanced software. We can project 360 images of great beauty and realism. Visitors of all ages report they love the new planetarium! 


Director: Dr. Peter Hoeflich (850) 644-5567

Deputy Director: Mark Cartagine (850) 644-1194


What We Can Do For You

We can give you a realistic sky at any time and anywhere in the solar system.  We can show you planets, nebulae, eclipses, deep space objects and more. Would you like to see how Neptune changes Pluto's orbit, how Barnard's star moves, or how constellations looked 2000 years ago?  Then come see us. 

We can also run pre-rendered shows that will draw you with their beauty and help you learn about astronomy, the solar system, black holes, the space race, telescopes, and many other topics.  Check out our Catalog page and see what we have to offer. 


How to Set Up a Visit

We can seat up to 78 guests at a time; larger groups can be split, with part of the group touring the Nuclear Research Building next door (when available), while the other enjoys the planetarium.  Just let us know in advance.  Teachers and home-schooling parents can check our Educators page to see how we can help you educate your students.  Members of the general public should check the Public page to see how we can meet your needs. 

Once you've decided on what you want to see and do, check out our Booking a Visit page and find out how to reserve the planetarium.  You can also check our Map and Parking page for advice on how to find the planetarium and where to park.  Our FAQ page answers common questions about the planetarium.

Then be sure to pay us a visit!

Contacting Us

You can get in touch by email or phone:



Or you can call: Mark Cartagine - (850) 644-1194


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