Hello, Everyone.

We are open!


Planetarium Rules:
  1. Please be on time.  We know the planetarium can be hard to find, and parking is very difficult at FSU.  But the planetarium is very busy, and we can't delay shows long without disrupting the schedule.  If you are late, you may find we are unable to run your show for you.
  2. We know small children love those shoes that light up and blink as they walk, and we think they're pretty nice, too.  But not in the planetarium, because they're very bright and distracting.
  3. Please don't bring food or drink into the planetarium - food attracts roaches, and the last thing you want in the dark is to have one land on your face.
  4. Please don't use cellphones during the shows.  We need to create and maintain a really dark environment for everyone to see clearly.  So put that phone away and enjoy the show.  You'll be glad you did.