Planetarium Location and Parking

Consult the Campus map and this guide to help you locate the Planetarium and where to park. We recommend you open the map page in a new tab, so you can refer to this page at the same time.

Campus Map

The Planetarium is located in Building 45 (Richards Building, AKA UPL), across the Quad from the Keen Building, in Section B-4:


Buses: School buses can park for free on the grassy verge outside Lot 398 at the corner of Stadium Drive and Lake Bradford Road.  It's at the bottom of the Campus Map, Section H-3:

Cars: Visitors should get Visitor Parking Permits.  These cost $3.25 per day, and are sold at:

Office of Transportation and Parking Services
University Center Building C-5406
Monday-Friday 7:30am to 5:00pm.
(850) 644-5278

The Office of Transportation and Parking Services can be found on the Campus Map at Building 225, Section G-2.

Once you have your Visitor Parking Permit, you can park in the “W” and “R” lots. We recommend the President’s Lot (Section A-4 on the Campus Map), as this is rarely full and is quite close to the planetarium.

After-Hours Visitors: we recommend you park in the President’s Lot, by Building 86. If you park after 4:30PM you won't need a permit.