Huffenberger Cosmology Group  


My main research area is physical cosmology, with an emphasis on Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) data analysis. I am most interested in joint probes of large scale structure using the CMB, but a large portion of my effort has also been dedicated toward understanding extra-galactic contamination (mostly AGN) to CMB surveys. Other work has devised sky simulations for testing software pipelines, measured telescope point-spread functions (beams) from sparsely-sampled data, and worked out efficient means for computing spin weighted spherical harmonic transforms. To broaden the scope of my research, I have also worked on statistical analysis of both optical weak lensing and the diffuse X-ray background.

I look forward to pursuing what the next generation of CMB polarization data can tell us about the universe, from the energy scale of inflation to the distribution of matter to the mass of the neutrino.


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Fast and exact spin-s spherical harmonic transform library


"Inspector Gadget" Weak Lensing Simulations

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Planck. All-sky cosmic microwave background temperature and polarization satellite mission.

Atacama Cosmology Telescope. ACT is a ground-based CMB temperature and Sunyaev-Zeldovich telescope.

Q/U Imaging Telescope. QUIET is a ground-based CMB polarization telescope.