Huffenberger Cosmology Group  

Kevin Huffenberger

Associate Professor

Astrophysics Group
Department of Physics, Florida State University
609 Keen Physics Building
Tallahassee, FL, 32306

khuffenberger at

I study cosmology, which is the examination of the large-scale universe, its structure and contents, and its origin, evolution, and fate.

I'm interested in several aspects of Cosmic Microwave Background science—what it can tell us about gravity waves in the early universe, how it can act as a backlight to let us observe structures that developed later—with particular focus on sub-degree and multiwavelength effects, as well as other areas of cosmology.

I am a member of the Planck, QUIET, and ACT/ACTPol collaborations. See my research page and talks for more, and for a list of publications.

Here is my Google scholar page.

Planck full-sky map

Some of my specific interests include:

Previously I was an assistant professor at the University of Miami (until August 2013), a Caltech postdoctoral fellow at JPL, a PhD student at Princeton, and an undergraduate at the University of Illinois.

Atacama Cosmology Telescope

Planck Satellite

WMAP measurement of CMB

Quiet Telescope