FSU Astrophysics

Astrophysics has been founded in 2006 as a new research discipline at Florida State University. The initiative, led by the Physics, has the goal to build up a strong program in research and education and it provides a link between nuclear, high energy physics and the 'National Magnetic Field Laboratory'.

The research of our astro-group focuses on Star Formation, Supernovae Explosions, the Microwave Background, and Cosmology with the goal to decipher the Nature of Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the Dark Ages and to understand the origin of elements. Our efforts strongly benefit from collaborations on an national and international level, and the research and support of the other groups in Physics.

Our curriculum includes the following courses: 'Introduction to Astrophysics', 'Nuclear Astrophysics', 'Stellar Structure and Evolution', 'Hydrodynamical Processes in Astrophysics, 'Structure Formation and Galaxy Evolution', 'Radiative Processes in Astrophysics', 'Observational Astronomy', 'Stellar Structure and Evolution', 'Cosmology'. In addition, we offer a 'Seminar', 'Journal Club', and a new 'Astrolab'.

By now, our group consists of 5 tenure and tenure-track faculties, one research faculty, 2 postdocs, some 16 graduate students and 55 undergraduate majors in 'Physics and Astrophysics'. Funding of the group is mostly provided by NSF and NASA programs. Since 2011, some 5 graduate and 48 undergraduate students obtained their PhD and their degree in 'Physics & Astrophysics', respectively.

Come visit us at AAS!

The Pat Thomas Planetarium

Our Planetarium at FSU is used to educate and entertain the community, local and regional K-12 schools, University students, home-schoolers, service organizations, clubs, and the general public all enjoy our planetarium. For more information and to book a show, visit the Planetarium's Website .

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